SD-0170very high impacthelmets, airconditioner, ski, shoe hoels
SD-0160high impactfurniture, household, automotive, bobbins
SD-0150good impacttypewriter, electric components, automotive
HF-0660 Ivery good flow, good impactvacuum cleaner, telephones, TV-, VCR-, audio-housing, computer, typewriter
HF-0680exellent flowfor difficult and very thin parts
HR-0390very high heat resistanceautomotive, airconditioner, coffee pot, household
HR-0370 Fhigh heat resistance, exellent flowautomotive, housing, microwave.oven,aircon
HR-0370 Dgood heat resistanceautomotive-lamps, housing, hairdryer, flourescent light-switcher
VH-0800Eplatability, medium heatTV-, VCR-, audio housing, computer, displays, refrigerator, washingmachine, airconditioner, mixer-housing, automotive parts
VH-0810platability, better heat resistance
VH-0853 VE-0856high notched impact strength
AS-0660 I AS-0150very good flowapplication with requires antistatic properties: video.cassettes, audio-housing, facsimile parts
SH-0150 SM-0150 SM-0160 E

high impactgood impact

very high impact

plates, sheets, profiles
MP-0160good flowradiator-grills, lamp-beams, jewels, bath-/toiletparts
MP-0660very good flowhousehold, handles for fridge and microwave-oven, TV, fan spinners
HG-0760 Svery high gloss surfacecar-application, telephone, fan, vacuum cleaner
GR-401010% glass fibre contentautomotive-, computer-, audio-, video-, sports and leisure parts, camera housing, speaker-boxes
GR-402020% glass fibre content